Wedding Skincare From Calla Aesthetics

If you are caught up in Spring or Summer wedding preparations at the moment, every spare moment is probably dedicated to some kind of wedding task, whether you are hand decorating table settings or order of service cards, packaging wedding favours or shopping for supplies.

It’s SO easy to forget yourself, particularly once the all-important dress or outfit has been selected and hair and makeup has been booked for the day. If this rings true for you, why not pop yourself a little higher up (in terms of priority!) on the wedding ‘to do’ list and take some time out now to help you look and feel even more fabulous on your very special day?

From experience, I can safely say that when your skin looks clearer, more radiant and more youthful, it’s so much easier to feel confident and beautiful; stress induced break-outs, dry skin and a dull complexion can occasionally do the opposite, and everyone deserves to feel a million dollars at the wedding event of the year!

So what treatments could benefit your skin before the big day?


If you’re looking for a highly effective manual exfoliation treatment to help dramatically clear the build up of old skin cells that can leave skin looking dull and lacklustre, a dermaplaning treatment could be the perfect way to reveal your beautiful, radiant skin.

Fire and Ice Facial from iS Clinical

It’s the perfect combination of a pampering facial and resurfacing peel from the skincare experts at iS Clinical. This treatment is designed to rapidly and safely resurface the skin, reduce fine lines, address problematic skin and encourage cellular renewal.

LED Light Treatment

If you want brighter, healthier looking (and feeling!) skin and need an excuse to lay down and ‘switch off’ for 30 mins every week, why not book in for a session (or 6!) of LED Light Treatments? It’s totally non-invasive and involves simply laying down under a LED mask (I’ll work out which combination of LED Lights would be most effective for your skin) for 30 minutes at a time!

It’s an effective stand-alone treatment, but also a treatment that I regularly combine with other procedures to help them work more effectively and to help speed up the body’s natural healing process!

Or, for a more intensive treatment day, why not opt for the Calla Medi Facial (which combines all of the above!) – a treatment package perfect for the Bride, Groom, Mother of the Bride… in fact, perfect for anyone***! The package involves:

  • A Dermaplaning treatment
  • A Dermapeel or Fire and Ice Medical Facial
  • A Facial Mask treatment
  • LED Light Therapy treatment
  • An iS Clinical mini kit
  • Plus, it’s just £200 for this package until the end of March 2019!

    If you’d like to take some time out to pamper your beautiful skin, please get in touch! I’d love to hear from you and help tailor a treatment plan specifically for you.

    *Please note that I carry out a pre-treatment consultation before carrying out any procedures to ensure that a treatment is safe and appropriate for a patient.

    Book An Appointment

    For more information on any of the treatments mentioned above and to book an appointment, please get in touch.

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