Skin and the Menopause

Our skin changes from year to year and from decade to decade. After the age of 20, the amount of collagen (the protein that gives our skin strength and elasticity) our bodies produce decreases by 1% every year. Hormonal changes can also have a dramatic impact on the texture and quality of the skin, and peri-menopause and menopause bring with them some of the most significant changes to skin condition that a woman may experience in her lifetime.

As oestrogen levels drop, the following changes can occur:

  • Changes to sebum production can contribute to oily skin.
  • Skin laxity increases – as does the appearance of fine lines/wrinkles.
  • Skin cell turnover reduces, which can lead to dry and dull looking skin.
  • Skin becomes more prone to sun damage
  • Hyperpigmentation/age spots become more common.

Help Is At Hand

Thankfully, the vast majority of these symptoms can be tackled successfully with the range of non-surgical aesthetic treatments I offer in-clinic. For example, Chemical and Manual Exfoliation Treatments like Chemical Peels and Dermaplaning work to remove the build-up of old skin cells, helping to reveal the more youthful and radiant skin beneath. The active ingredients in chemical peels can also help to soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reduce the appearance of areas of hyperpigmentation and help to improve the overall texture and condition of the skin.

If you are looking to restore youthful volume and definition to your skin, Dermal Fillers could be an appropriate treatment. The majority of dermal filler products use a substance called Hyaluronic Acid (which also occurs naturally in the body) to soften lines and wrinkles and provide lift and volume to areas of the face that have lost some of their underlying support structures as a result of the natural ageing process. Dermal Fillers are an injectable treatment, and as with injectable procedure it is incredibly important that you seek out a qualified, experienced and insured medical professional to carry out this procedure!

To tackle skin’s radiance and firmness, a treatment like Profhilo works wonders – and has been incredibly popular internationally as a result! It’s not a filler or a toxin, but a bio-remodelling substance that helps to stimulate four different types of collagen and elastin and nourish skin cells.

Further Help & Advice

If you are experiencing changes to the texture and condition of your skin, whether as a result of the menopause or not, please get in touch. There are so many non-surgical options out there that can help you to feel more like yourself at a time when it feels like everything else is changing, and I’m more than happy to talk you through the different options that could work for you.

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