New Studio Clinic & Website Launch

Exciting News!

From the 30th April 2018, I will be working in my new studio clinic, which has been purpose-built at the bottom of my garden in Etwall. In conjunction with this is my new brand-new website, which has just been launched and where you are now reading this news article.

I hope you are all going to enjoy seeing me here in the beautiful Derbyshire countryside. You can find my location with a map and directions on how to get here on my ‘contact us‘ page. There will be signs outside but please remember this is a residential area, so please be considerate to our neighbours.

All treatments will be strictly by appointment only. Please don’t arrive too early for you appointment (as I don’t want to keep you waiting). Opening hours may also change slightly – if these change this will be shown on the website and in a new news post – so watch this space for details.

There will be some special opening offers to be announced shortly. and a new exciting treatment which I will go into more in the next news post, so please check back soon for more updates and news from Calla Aesthetics.

I look forward to seeing you all soon.

Cheryl x


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