Autumn Skincare – Adjusting Your Skincare Regime In The Autumn

Autumn Skincare

Although the weather is all over the place at the moment, there is one thing for certain – it IS going to get colder! And as our thermostats go up, the wind-chill factor increases and the outside temperature plummets, our skin can suffer.

In the heat of the summer, our sebaceous glands deliver and increased amount of natural oil (called sebum) to the surface of the skin, helping to protect the body from losing too much moisture and working as a protective barrier against bacteria. In the colder winter weather, sebum production reduces for many people, leaving the skin more vulnerable to bacteria, and more likely to ‘dry out’ and become tight and uncomfortable.

Top Tips For Tackling Dry Autumn / Winter Skin

  • Turn Down the Central Heating – it’s so easy to turn your heating up to tropical levels when the weather outside is frightful, but a lower temperature (in combination with jumpers) is much kinder to the skin!
  • Eat Foods Rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids – a balanced diet incorporating oily fish and seafood, nuts and seeds and naturally occurring plant oils can help to improve the texture and condition of skin (and it has a number of other health properties!)
  • Avoid Hot Baths and Showers – hot water can strip skin of it’s precious sebum, making it feel dry and uncomfortable and weakening its protective barrier even further. I know a hot bath is tempting after a cold and rainy day, but if you can reduce the temperature a little your skin will thank you!

LED Light Treatment

Of course, savvy skincare doesn’t end here! There are a variety of products and treatments that can help you take care of your skin more effectively this Autumn and Winter. The range of iS Clinical products I stock, for example, can really help with dry and uncomfortable skin. My LED Light Therapy Facials can also help with a variety of winter skin conditions, and I’ll work with you to find the best combination of the light treatments to tackle your particular skin issues.

LED Light Therapy Facials harness the power of a range of different coloured LED Lights, each of which has unique properties:

Red Light – has reviving properties and can assist with anti-ageing and skin healing

Blue Light – has purifying properties and can help to reduce (and prevent) acne breakouts

Green Light – has calming properties and can help to tackle pigmentation

Yellow Light – helps to improve lymphatic function and stimulate circulation.

You can read more about the benefits of LED Light Treatment in my recent news post on this amazing treatment.

Profhilo Skin Bio-remodelling

Do you feel as though your skin needs some more intensive hydration this Autumn / Winter? Then a Profhilo Skin Bio-remodelling treatment could really help. Profhilo is an injectable treatment that promotes radiant skin by rejuvenating and stimulating collagen and elastin production and hydrating the skin, and can effectively help to tackle the visible symptoms of skin ageing (like skin laxity, fine lines and wrinkles, etc.).

More Information

If you’d like more information about Profhilo, LED Light Therapy facials, iS Clinical skincare products or any other of the treatments I offer, please get in touch by calling 07970 067 114 and we can discuss your specific skin needs this Autumn and beyond!

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