Loss of Volume

Loss of Volume

One of the key aspects of ageing is loss of facial volume. When we are young, our faces are full, voluminous, radiant and youthful. With the passage of time, we lose volume. The skin becomes thinner and more dehydrated, our bones begin to be reabsorbed, our natural fat pads disintegrate and drop down and lines and wrinkles start to appear. We lose volume across the whole face although the most obvious places are the cheeks, the lips and the brow.

Simply erasing these lines does not correct the problem. When considering any cosmetic treatment it is always important to consider why have these lines appeared? By restoring volume where it has been lost is the perfect solution, creating facial rejuvenation and a younger looking you!

Similarly, volume is lost in other areas of the body, especially the decolletage and backs of the hand resulting in crêpe skin. Dermal fillers are the perfect solution to these problems and are safe and effective.

Treatments for Loss of Volume

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